Hey! I say Toe-may-toe!

For the past three years I have been in love with the sweetest little cafe in KC! Well in my opinion. A cross between a mom and pop cafe and an organic flea market the scene at “You Say Tomato” is very different from any other in the city. Located on one-way Holmes and 28th St around the corner from Crown Center Plaza, I never park on the right side of the street just for the feeling of rebellion.


Okay first things first. When you walk in, especially on Sunday morning, you will inevitably feel overwhelmed. You climb through all the random shaped and colored tables and chairs, slightly nervous if you will even get a seat after ordering. You arrive at the counter with slices of home-made pie to entice you and you attempt to read the colorful white-board with your choices that change each day.


Let’s just pretend that its Saturday morning. Immediately you will order a drip coffee, fruit cup, and full order of biscuits and gravy. No questions asked. This is what you will order and you will absolutely fall in love. The fluffy biscuits and rich perfect gravy. You will have a hard time ordering anything else ever again. Then you will come on a Thursday and realize they have done you a favor and only offer this dish on the weekends. So then you order the breakfast casserole and go to a heavenly place in your belly.

Now let’s go back for lunch. I know you feel like you have been here a lot already. But there is no judgement! Go back for lunch, I assure you friend, you will have no regrets! 306759_10150355062906049_502211048_9916246_8007760_nNow for the Galette!Especially if they have the one with caramelized onions. Everything comes straight out of the oven, perfectly homemade and fresh and yummy!

Sometimes the line is long, sometimes it sucks to be the newby because no one helps you, and sometimes you can’ hear them when they call your name. BUT, you will get a little green cup of Parisi coffee with a little shot glass of ice water and wait for them to call you. You will make it through and you will return. Especially when the tall manly man waits on you with a crocheted tomato hat and you try not to laugh at him. You will find ways to make this little cafe your very own and you won’t even remember I sent you there! Happy eating Kansas City!!


Okay its your turn now, go “like” their Facebook page, and go write a happy note or post a pic! 394354_10150525825886049_1355442165_n


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Opera House Rock

Okay so I am secretly in love with this cafe, Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium down by the River Market. I’ve only be inside once. Well kind of twice. I pushed my nose to the window after the massive double take I did the first time I laid eyes on it. I took a few awkward photos of the outside first, slowly making my way across the street.  Finally I made an excuse and went inside. Seriously, love at first sight. Two different in-store places to order; one for coffee and another for the grill! Seriously? Okay, now you really have my attention! Then all of the random little places to sit and even a place for live music! I was seriously overwhelmed, but in a really good way.http://www.operahousekc.com/

So it’s a coffee shop, then a cafe, then a bar/venue? And the real wood floors, wide open spaces, and weird funky retro seating… I could really get used to this.  I am honestly really lacking in details since I haven’t really spent more than ten minutes in the place. I feel like I am crushing on a guy from a distance, yet I could just go up and ask him all the questions. Like look them up and really investigate. Or go back and spend time there. But that would spoil all of the fun of the beginnings of this new-found relationship. We can’t spoil all of the surprises yet. Right now there is mystery and romantic notions that it may or may not be one of my new favorite places. Okay, I confess I ordered soup. What? I panicked! I was so under/over whelmed by it all! What was a girl to do? But it was really good soup. Stop laughing, if only you knew how serious I was right now.  But you are more than welcome to go! Please do yourself a favor and go, just once, even if you’re not as twitterpated at this moment as I am. http://www.operahousekc.com/http://www.operahousekc.com/

“You had me at hello, Opera Rock, you had me at hello!”

Go to the book of faces and like their page: https://www.facebook.com/operahousekc?fref=ts

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Orange in the city!


Let’s talk coffee! My favorite coffee shop in Kansas City at this time in life is the trendy yet tangible “Coffee Girl’s Cafe” in Waldo. With newly varnished and hand crafted wooden tables and signage this place is off the charts with its Pintresty environment! Honestly I would have gone today to type this but that would have just felt weird.

So many things that I enjoy about this place. Cement floors, wooden tables, outside seating, garage door, real pumpkin in my latte, and ORANGE! Orange is everywhere, like an explosion of IKEA in our IKEA-less city! Not even sure if that is where the chairs came from and I don’t really care! Okay and off I go again, the little kid table, the butcher paper available for drawing on while you hang out, changing table in the hallway, whiteboard markers for your window art needs, amazing juices, delicious wraps, unlimited drip coffee, and code-less free WiFi. Did I mention “homework happy hour?”


Can I stop and say this one point.  Why, oh why would you not offer free easy access without a code WiFi at your establishment? Thank you to every business who thought it a good idea to provide this service without hoops to jump through or mysterious weird long codes to type in. Oh no wait! My favorite is when you ask for the WiFi code and they look at you like you are growing something out of your head and then somewhat snidely says its only for the business and not available to the public. Then make the name of it something besides your business. Whew this should be its own post, sorry. The minute I arrive at a place that I love I want my laptop, iPad or iPod to already have WiFi so I can get on with my life, blogging, and social networking. Then I will stay longer, eat, drink, and invite friends. If you don’t have WiFi then I am eating up my limited cell data and I am probably not coming back very often to you, sorry. The End.


Back to why we love Coffee Girls. Well another reason is the owner, Lindsey, is around my age. Well I am kind of assuming that. She is seriously kicks butt at the owning of her own business, believes in small businesses, hosts events for the local business owners, and hires pretty hilarious people! She reminds me of Tina Faye, (sorry) and she is really good at what she does. She even took a few minutes to chat with me during my random visits and even wrote me back when I sent an email asking for some orange in the bathrooms. (Yes, I did that! LOL!) She assures me that the makeover we have seen so far in the other spaces will makes its way to the bathrooms!  Okay you can say it now, I am ridiculous being concerned for orange in the bathroom. Yes, yes I am!


Okay so there you go! Now get off your couch and visit my favorite coffee shop in KC! Here is a map in case you get lost!! Or hit them up on Facebook! Don’t forget to get a seriously amazing muffin or another baked good while your there. And if your hurting for cash look in the $1 jar with the lid just by the cash register! Don’t forget to tip your barista!


Photos brought to you by my old school Fugi digital camera, my iPod, and some even were posted by Instagram! Someday soon I am moving up in the world camera-wise but until then this is what we got! More posts coming soon! Check us out at www.canihelpyoukc.com or on Facebook.
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Welcome to my new blog “canihelpyoukc?”  Okay now thats out of the way. I reserve the right to say what I want here… Let’s see how long that lasts. I have lived in Kansas City, MO for three years and have visited so many places I am not sure where to start as far as reviewing. One of my biggest pet-peeves in life is customer service. I may appear to be fairly low maintenance (be nice) but honestly I am blown away by some people’s kids! I was raised in a town of 2000 and by a mother who taught me common sense and respect. Now you know a little about me and I am sure you will learn more as we go along. So here I am to share, praise, vent, whine, and get you going to some of the coolest places in our beloved Kansas City! Come on get off that couch!


Oh and I forgot to mention. I. Love. Coffee. So prepare yourself for lots of thoughts on the topic and places where we will go to find it!