Orange in the city!


Let’s talk coffee! My favorite coffee shop in Kansas City at this time in life is the trendy yet tangible “Coffee Girl’s Cafe” in Waldo. With newly varnished and hand crafted wooden tables and signage this place is off the charts with its Pintresty environment! Honestly I would have gone today to type this but that would have just felt weird.

So many things that I enjoy about this place. Cement floors, wooden tables, outside seating, garage door, real pumpkin in my latte, and ORANGE! Orange is everywhere, like an explosion of IKEA in our IKEA-less city! Not even sure if that is where the chairs came from and I don’t really care! Okay and off I go again, the little kid table, the butcher paper available for drawing on while you hang out, changing table in the hallway, whiteboard markers for your window art needs, amazing juices, delicious wraps, unlimited drip coffee, and code-less free WiFi. Did I mention “homework happy hour?”

Can I stop and say this one point.  Why, oh why would you not offer free easy access without a code WiFi at your establishment? Thank you to every business who thought it a good idea to provide this service without hoops to jump through or mysterious weird long codes to type in. Oh no wait! My favorite is when you ask for the WiFi code and they look at you like you are growing something out of your head and then somewhat snidely says its only for the business and not available to the public. Then make the name of it something besides your business. Whew this should be its own post, sorry. The minute I arrive at a place that I love I want my laptop, iPad or iPod to already have WiFi so I can get on with my life, blogging, and social networking. Then I will stay longer, eat, drink, and invite friends. If you don’t have WiFi then I am eating up my limited cell data and I am probably not coming back very often to you, sorry. The End.

Back to why we love Coffee Girls. Well another reason is the owner, Lindsey, is around my age. Well I am kind of assuming that. She is seriously kicks butt at the owning of her own business, believes in small businesses, hosts events for the local business owners, and hires pretty hilarious people! She reminds me of Tina Faye, (sorry) and she is really good at what she does. She even took a few minutes to chat with me during my random visits and even wrote me back when I sent an email asking for some orange in the bathrooms. (Yes, I did that! LOL!) She assures me that the makeover we have seen so far in the other spaces will makes its way to the bathrooms!  Okay you can say it now, I am ridiculous being concerned for orange in the bathroom. Yes, yes I am!

Okay so there you go! Now get off your couch and visit my favorite coffee shop in KC! Here is a map in case you get lost!! Or hit them up on Facebook! Don’t forget to get a seriously amazing muffin or another baked good while your there. And if your hurting for cash look in the $1 jar with the lid just by the cash register! Don’t forget to tip your barista!

Photos brought to you by my old school Fugi digital camera, my iPod, and some even were posted by Instagram! Someday soon I am moving up in the world camera-wise but until then this is what we got! More posts coming soon! Check us out at or on Facebook.
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