Hey! I say Toe-may-toe!

For the past three years I have been in love with the sweetest little cafe in KC! Well in my opinion. A cross between a mom and pop cafe and an organic flea market the scene at “You Say Tomato” is very different from any other in the city. Located on one-way Holmes and 28th St around the corner from Crown Center Plaza, I never park on the right side of the street just for the feeling of rebellion.


Okay first things first. When you walk in, especially on Sunday morning, you will inevitably feel overwhelmed. You climb through all the random shaped and colored tables and chairs, slightly nervous if you will even get a seat after ordering. You arrive at the counter with slices of home-made pie to entice you and you attempt to read the colorful white-board with your choices that change each day.


Let’s just pretend that its Saturday morning. Immediately you will order a drip coffee, fruit cup, and full order of biscuits and gravy. No questions asked. This is what you will order and you will absolutely fall in love. The fluffy biscuits and rich perfect gravy. You will have a hard time ordering anything else ever again. Then you will come on a Thursday and realize they have done you a favor and only offer this dish on the weekends. So then you order the breakfast casserole and go to a heavenly place in your belly.

Now let’s go back for lunch. I know you feel like you have been here a lot already. But there is no judgement! Go back for lunch, I assure you friend, you will have no regrets! 306759_10150355062906049_502211048_9916246_8007760_nNow for the Galette!Especially if they have the one with caramelized onions. Everything comes straight out of the oven, perfectly homemade and fresh and yummy!

Sometimes the line is long, sometimes it sucks to be the newby because no one helps you, and sometimes you can’ hear them when they call your name. BUT, you will get a little green cup of Parisi coffee with a little shot glass of ice water and wait for them to call you. You will make it through and you will return. Especially when the tall manly man waits on you with a crocheted tomato hat and you try not to laugh at him. You will find ways to make this little cafe your very own and you won’t even remember I sent you there! Happy eating Kansas City!!


Okay its your turn now, go “like” their Facebook page, and go write a happy note or post a pic! 394354_10150525825886049_1355442165_n


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