Opera House Rock

Okay so I am secretly in love with this cafe, Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium down by the River Market. I’ve only be inside once. Well kind of twice. I pushed my nose to the window after the massive double take I did the first time I laid eyes on it. I took a few awkward photos of the outside first, slowly making my way across the street.  Finally I made an excuse and went inside. Seriously, love at first sight. Two different in-store places to order; one for coffee and another for the grill! Seriously? Okay, now you really have my attention! Then all of the random little places to sit and even a place for live music! I was seriously overwhelmed, but in a really good way.http://www.operahousekc.com/

So it’s a coffee shop, then a cafe, then a bar/venue? And the real wood floors, wide open spaces, and weird funky retro seating… I could really get used to this.  I am honestly really lacking in details since I haven’t really spent more than ten minutes in the place. I feel like I am crushing on a guy from a distance, yet I could just go up and ask him all the questions. Like look them up and really investigate. Or go back and spend time there. But that would spoil all of the fun of the beginnings of this new-found relationship. We can’t spoil all of the surprises yet. Right now there is mystery and romantic notions that it may or may not be one of my new favorite places. Okay, I confess I ordered soup. What? I panicked! I was so under/over whelmed by it all! What was a girl to do? But it was really good soup. Stop laughing, if only you knew how serious I was right now.  But you are more than welcome to go! Please do yourself a favor and go, just once, even if you’re not as twitterpated at this moment as I am. http://www.operahousekc.com/http://www.operahousekc.com/

“You had me at hello, Opera Rock, you had me at hello!”

Go to the book of faces and like their page: https://www.facebook.com/operahousekc?fref=ts

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  1. you need to go in there! the atmosphere tops it off! you don’t have to buy anything, just look around!

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